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The main indicator of the effectiveness of advertising & mdash; its profitability. We consider ROI for each channel and each ad in order to get more customers with less advertising costs.


We do not sell services —

we solve business problems on the Internet!

Effective SEO and PPC.
Efficient SMM and SMO.
Take all the trouble.


14 NEW COMPANIES | $ 14000 - ANNUAL BUDGET | $ 72,000 - NET PROFIT
Companies we increased sales in 2018
Total advertising budget on Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube
The sales sum we brought to our customers


Marketing solutions for entering the market, promoting e-commerce sites, small and medium businesses, international projects, increasing the number of potential customers from the Internet.

SEO promotion

SEO promotion

Safe search engine promotion site without restrictions in keywords.
 PPC advertising

PPC advertising

Contextual advertising on the best positions in the search for 1 day. Fine tuning for your needs.
 SMM promotion

SMM promotion

Integrated development of pages in social networks + display advertising your audience.


Stable getting interested customers from the search;
Sales of goods / services - from the first day of launch;
Formation of demand for a new product;
Visualization, increasing brand awareness.

You must be prepared for the fact that the way and cost of promotion will depend on the current competition in your niche, the quality of your site, the size of the market and the characteristics of your products or services.

Our specialists carefully analyze the current situation BEFORE they bill you. We offer individual and most promising ways of promotion for each individual project. This gives us the opportunity to vouch for the result.

Analysis of the market, competitors, preparation of materials30%
Setting up an advertising company25%
Ad launch, testing, conversion increase45%
  • Examine your business from different angles to find all your strengths;
  • We investigate your competitors;
  • We will analyze the quality and price segment;
  • Highlight the main competitive advantages;
  • Create a "meaning card" of your business;
"Marketing does not exist to receive awards, but to build a winning business."
Strategy selection

Strategy selection

For each launch of an advertising campaign, we develop an individual show strategy, since we know that only such an approach can give maximum results.

Advertising planning takes up to 5 working days, for evaluation of the effectiveness of advertising, we need 3-7 days after launch.

Audience analysis
Launch and evaluation
Twisting company

Website promotion is a longer and time-consuming process bearing fruit in a long stage of work, contextual advertising - sales from the first day of launch.

Website promotion

Market analysis

Analysis of competitors, pricing, services.

1-2 of the day

1-4 of the day

Site optimization

Internal site optimization

External site optimization

Optimization of external factors of website promotion.

up to 30 days

1-6 months

Website promotion

Building up reference weight, managing behavioral factors, etc.

Holding positions

Maintaining the position of the site in the TOP, monitoring the actions of competitors.

for life

Conclusion in the TOP search engine

Contextual advertising

Market analysis

Analysis of competitors, pricing, services.

1-2 days

1-4 days

Preparation and launch of advertising

Setting up an advertising company.

Analysis and debugging

Analysis and debugging of advertisements in order to increase the conversion.

5-14 days

1-2 days

User retention

Running a remarketing company.

Support and optimization

Optimization of the advertising company in order to increase conversion with a minimum cost of advertising.


Instant result


Simple steps to start successful sales and increase customer flow


You leave a request
on our website


We send you brief
with questions


Advertise according
to your needs


We track the result
we optimize the company.

We always have a clear plan.

Here is a general scheme of the promotion. If you are interested in the details - we can send an example of a real work plan for SEO

Work with external factors:

  • Improving the reputation of the site
  • Increase engagement
  • Strengthening social factors

Work with internal factors:

  • Creation and improvement of the site structure;
  • Filling the site with content;
  • Elaboration of internal relink;

Basic optimization:

  • Index setting
  • Site functionality improvements
  • Initial technical optimization


  • Immersion in the essence of the client's business
  • Development of a promotion strategy
  • Market and competitor analysis

Full technical optimization:

  • Improving site architecture
  • Site acceleration
  • Mobile Optimization


  • Study of search phrases
  • Search index monitoring
  • Traffic analysis

We know it looks difficult. But beautiful =)

Effective SEO and PPC.

Reasons to use SEO and PPC together

Many companies consider the use of SEO tools with PPC inappropriate. Fans of contextual advertising tend to think that website optimization, writing quality SEO texts, flawless design and HTML markup are a waste of time and money. After all, creating a landing page using a free service and PPC shows provide an acceptable number of transitions.

SEO advocates take a different position: the money and time spent on optimization will surely yield results (although not immediately), using this strategy promises far less risks for the customer, and there will be no doubt about the stability of traffic (as well as additional financial investments).

Both are right, but only partially. Both strategies solve different problems, therefore, using the tools of optimization and context, you will be able to achieve comprehensive results. There are six strong arguments proving the correctness of promotion using SEO and PPC.


Based on the brief, we will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competitors.


Optimization of your resource, for the needs of the advertising company and search promotion.


The launch of an advertising campaign, the launch of a remarketing company and the start of website promotion.


Analytics and optimization to increase conversions and reduce costs.

Efficient SMM and SMO.

Which bring profit to our customers.

Any more or less advanced Internet user has repeatedly come across terms such as SMO and SMM. They are easily operated on by initiates, but most people have a somewhat vague idea of ​​what SMO and SMM really are, and even more so - what is the difference between them.

To begin with, let's decide that SMO and SMM & ndash; it is not the same thing. It can be said that SMO is part of SMM, but these concepts should be divided in order to more fully understand all the information..

This is a social media marketing, which is to conduct a set of activities on other sites (forums, blogs, websites, chat rooms, news resources, etc.) in order to promote goods, services, advertising services and coverage of events.

SMM is not an open advertisement. This is a hidden, unobtrusive advertising that attracts the target audience to the product being promoted. Users should not understand that they are openly offered a product & ndash; They must themselves want to purchase / order the service due to the information provided.

разработка туристического лендинга
  • Creating and filling a business page
  • Attracting new members to the community
  • Working with content and & laquo; heating & raquo; members
  • Increased coverage, mass-trapping
  • Targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram

We provide our customers with real solutions to real-world problems.


Full analytics, reporting, ongoing work on the optimization of the company.

 Strategic planning

Strategic planning

We are fast-paced and have excellent intuition.
 Design and execution

Design and execution

Design and execution


We will analyze the market and set up an advertising campaign for you to get the most out of it.
 Assistance in solving problems

Assistance in solving problems

In the shortest possible time we solve your operational tasks.
 Individual approach

Individual approach

The most important thing for us is the people with whom we work.


The site will help to attract new customers, increase sales and reduce the burden on managers.
 Experience and reputation

Experience and reputation

Years of work allow us to provide quality service.
Focus on results

Focus on results

All our experience is applied to help you achieve results.
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Let's get acquainted and discuss your project! You can find out how we will be useful for you.

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